Thursday, August 9, 2012

NaschyCast #30 - TOMB OF THE WEREWOLF (2004)

You got your werewolf in my soft-core pornography! No- you got your soft-core pornography in my werewolf! Or something like that. Episode 30 takes us to the Hollywood Hills where we encounter lots of hot naked women, lesbian sex, a Daninsky descendant, a fantastic painting and a pretty bad film. The 21st century was not a good period for low budget werewolf movies and this ‘final’ Waldemar Daninsky film is no exception. Shot in English TOMB OF THE WEREWOLF is one of our few chances to hear Paul Naschy’s actual voice in a film but, as he speaks less than a dozen words total, this is a bittersweet delight. Indeed, Naschy’s role in this production is little more than a glorified cameo so the joys for fans are slim. That being said Naschy is still the best/only reason to see this sucker and he does a fine job with the little screen time he is afforded.

We struggle through this short but painful direct-to-video time filler while trying to maintain our good humor. I’m not sure we succeeded as I can remember a few tears on my show notes but hopefully the podcast is helpful to the Naschy loving masses. If you have the strength and desire you can join us as we work our way through TOTW and try to keep our sanity intact. As usual the discussion veers from subject to subject with a brief look at the various porn titles in the cast’s background; share some info about the location where the film was shot; point out the ever-present sound of crickets on the soundtrack; and wonder what Naschy made of the film before and after it was made.

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NaschyCast #30