Thursday, March 29, 2012


Naschycast brings you SEVEN MURDERS FOR SCOTLAND YARD or WHY ARE THOSE DROPS OF BLOOD ON MY NEW COUCH? For the twenty sixth episode we tackle another Spanish made murder mystery very much in the 'giallo' vein. Since we haven't touched on Naschy's contributions to the genre in a long time we first talk about the standard definition of a giallo, what elements make up one and discuss the question of country of origin as a qualification for inclusion in the official listings. Regardless of dissenting opinions we come down on the side of SEVEN MURDERS FOR SCOTLAND YARD being an example of the black-gloved killer thriller and let our enjoyment of the of the short lived genre show. As for the question of this film representing the best of its type we'll leave that up to you to discover. We know how to tease!

We break into the spoiler area of discussion at about the one hour and twenty minute mark and then dive into the Mail Bag as the clock strikes the two hour bell. In this section listener Mark takes me to task for putting Reggie Nalder in the wrong Argento film, is stunned by the fact that a place called Lookout Mountain exists and gives us his favorite and least favorite Naschy films covered in Year Two of the podcast. Then Troy and I get into a strange dissertation on the definition of 'lick'. Just listen and it'll make a kind of sense. If you would like to give us your 'Best of' list or just mouth off about either of us screwing up information please drop us a note at or join us over on the NaschyCast Facebook page. You'll be glad you did! Or at least we will. The download link is below and if you get the show through iTunes please review us there in the store. Thanks!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Naschycast 25.5 - Year Two Retrospective!

NOBODY EXPECTS A YEAR END RETROSPECTIVE SHOW! Unless you noticed we did one last year. And the Spanish Inquisition hasn't popped by for tea lately. Our year end wrap-up show is finally here and its a pretty fun time. We wax rhapsodic about the joys of our Year Two discoveries and shake our heads in dismay at the films that disappointed us. As we discuss our individual lists from worst to best we take the opportunity to look at each movie a second time and see how our opinions might have changed over the last few months. In some cases there has been some movement and in some cases that movement has been downward. Its a good way to think about Naschy's work and as always we try to consider if each film would be a good introduction for a new potential fan. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to guess.

The mailbag segment once again proves to be a blast. We talk about Mr. Magoo, Lina Romay, American sounding names, the REC movies, porn Dracula and the terrible Bond film A VIEW TO A KILL. We even get to hear sad tales of the unfortunate fates of childhood Planet of the Apes toys. If you want to add your stories of brutalized hunks of cherished rubber and plastic please drop us a line. The email address is or you can visit us on the Facebook page where 'like' means love. And if you get the show through iTunes please think about reviewing the show there. It really helps us get some attention. And don't forget to vote for us in the Rondo Awards! You have until April the first so run over there now! LINK

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