Friday, November 23, 2012

NaschyCast #33 - THE CRIMES OF PETIOT (1973)

For episode 33 we venture once again into the realms of Euro-Crime to see how the criminal side of life lives. In this case we have a mad killer haunted by Germany's Nazi past running around Berlin shooting people. His modus operandi is a strange one as it involves always attacking couples and centers on a particular hatred of the female each time. Bizarre!

THE CRIMES OF PETIOT was Paul Naschy's second collaboration with director Jose Luis Madrid. Their two films together were both of the crime story type and centered on deranged killers making eager over thinkers like your humble podcasters wonder about the shared themes that drive some men's art. Could the sublimated desire to act upon dark urges to both reflect the harsh actions of the recent past and repudiate the hideous history of the Second World War simultaneously have caused the growing trend of overly violent movies? Could the creeping misogyny of films that focus on duplicitous women have something to do with the emergent women's rights movement of the 1970s? Or could it just be that killing pretty girls and splashing blood around the screen was a surefire way to get an exploitation film into theaters? I think we all know the answer, huh?

Join us as we march our way scene by scene through this very hard to find film. Have we discovered another little known masterpiece or something further down the scale? For those that want to avoid spoilers we start ruining the reveal at about the 1:33 (one hour and thirty-three minute) mark and finish that kind of talk by the 1:50 (one hour and fifty minute) mark. Make your listening choices accordingly. And please drop us a line at to let us know your thoughts on the show, Naschy, Spanish Cinema or any other subject that comes to mind. And I'm trying out a new download service for those of you that grab the MP3 directly instead of from iTunes or streaming through Stitcher. The link below will (hopefully) take you to DropBox but if it doesn't work please let me know. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NaschyCast #32 - THE NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF (1981)

With much joy and some sadness we finally talk at length about THE NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF. We have been holding off discussing this one for many reasons- its the last of Naschy's werewolf films for us to cover; it's a standout entry in the series; its the only Waldemar Daninsky film available on Blu-Ray; etc. The good news is that it is such a solid effort that repeated viewings only make it more impressive. Many key players return, both in front of and behind the camera making this a fun time for longtime fans but the lycanthropic action is plentiful enough to also make it a good bet for neophytes. This is a big, bold, colorful, violent and atmospheric slice of Gothic Horror and it is a worthy addition to not just Spanish Horror cinema but to the genre as a whole. With Naschy writing the script, directing the film and starring in the title role how could it be anything else but an earnest splash of monster fun?

Naschy really lets his film-fan side show in this one with many nods to older classic horror moments from THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF, DRACULA- PRINCE OF DARKNESS, THE MASK OF SATAN (a.k.a. BLACK SUNDAY) and several others. We hope you'll enjoy our conversation on this wonderful film. As we had little feedback in the mailbag we conclude the show with a brief look at the amazing MUCHAS GRACIAS SENOR LOBO book that showcases an extensive collection of Naschy movie memorabilia. Please let us know what you think by dropping us a note at or joining us over at the NaschyCast Facebook page. Oh- and Happy Halloween! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Naschycast #31.5 - LORNA, THE EXORCIST (1974)

For the first time in many moons we bring you a .5 episode. We have always used these non-Naschy shows to highlight Spanish horror films of note and often there is a connection to the films of Paul Naschy. In this case there isn’t a direct association but we decided to cover LORNA THE EXORCIST for different reasons - not because of its Spanish born director Jess Franco but because of its lovely star- Lina Romay. When Miss Romay passed away earlier this year Troy and I were stunned, as were most of her fans. We had no idea she was in ill health and her most recent public appearances with longtime companion Franco had shown us the typical smiling, supportive lady we’ve come to know and love. As fans of her beauty and her screen talent we felt we had to do something to mark her passing and with this film we feel we’ve found a very good piece of work to discuss. Little seen for decades LORNA sports a brave, nuanced performance from Lina and, barring a sub-plot we found questionable, it is an excellent example of Franco’s 1970s Franco low-budget transgressive esthetic. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to sing her praises and we hope everyone will get some enjoyment out of our conversation.

We had a lot of fun talking about the film's Faustian plot, interesting sea imagery, strange locations and copious nudity. Did I mention the nudity? Oh- and I manage to create a new descriptive phrase I expect will sweep the nation in the coming weeks- 'Obliquely Clear!' Start using it now and avoid the rush.  I think we covered most aspects of the movie pretty well but if you have something to add (and we hope you do!) please write us at and let us know how you would rate this intriguing effort. The mailbag section is petty amazing this time out with me going off on a rant about the Universal Horror Blu-Rays and - in a real surprise- Troy rants about Gamera DVDs.  Will wonders never cease? You can find us over on the NaschyCast Facebook page or at the email address above. The show can be downloaded from the link below, found in the iTunes Store or streamed through Stitcher Radio.

Friday, September 7, 2012

NaschyCast #31 - LOS CANTABROS (1980)

When we started this podcast we had no idea that we would eventually be reviewing a sword and sandal film. We knew that we would be delving deeply into Paul Naschy’s list of credits and seeing movies that were going to be new to us but the number of surprises has been stunning. Thrillers were expected and crime movies were a given along with the obvious horror output but the comedies were a shock and this film has to be acknowledged as a major unexpected revelation. Strangely,Troy and I disagree on the film’s quality level but the discussion finds us agreeing on more points than you might expect.

Couched as an historical account of an odd moment in Spanish history LOS CANTABROS is the tale of Roman conquest in 29A.D. (or was it 32 B.C.?). While there may be much doubt as to the facts surrounding the film’s hero Caracotta there is ample historical record about Naschy’s Roman General Marcus Agrippa and his relationship with Emperor Caesar Augustus. Naschy’s re-tooled screenplay uses a lot of detail from history to obscure the unfortunate fact that this was a very low budget production. This sometimes works to benefit the proceedings and sometimes it really doesn’t. Really- it doesn't! 

We relate what little we could discover about the film’s history, talk about its bizarre tone shifts, wonder why certain actors were in particular roles, question the apparent patriotism in the film’s speeches and bitch about the crappy print we have to watch - all while dissecting this hard to find would-be epic. As always the show is available from the link below or through the iTunes store or streaming from Stitcher Radio. We do prattle on! You can drop us a line at or join us over on the Facebook page. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

NaschyCast #30 - TOMB OF THE WEREWOLF (2004)

You got your werewolf in my soft-core pornography! No- you got your soft-core pornography in my werewolf! Or something like that. Episode 30 takes us to the Hollywood Hills where we encounter lots of hot naked women, lesbian sex, a Daninsky descendant, a fantastic painting and a pretty bad film. The 21st century was not a good period for low budget werewolf movies and this ‘final’ Waldemar Daninsky film is no exception. Shot in English TOMB OF THE WEREWOLF is one of our few chances to hear Paul Naschy’s actual voice in a film but, as he speaks less than a dozen words total, this is a bittersweet delight. Indeed, Naschy’s role in this production is little more than a glorified cameo so the joys for fans are slim. That being said Naschy is still the best/only reason to see this sucker and he does a fine job with the little screen time he is afforded.

We struggle through this short but painful direct-to-video time filler while trying to maintain our good humor. I’m not sure we succeeded as I can remember a few tears on my show notes but hopefully the podcast is helpful to the Naschy loving masses. If you have the strength and desire you can join us as we work our way through TOTW and try to keep our sanity intact. As usual the discussion veers from subject to subject with a brief look at the various porn titles in the cast’s background; share some info about the location where the film was shot; point out the ever-present sound of crickets on the soundtrack; and wonder what Naschy made of the film before and after it was made.

Please drop us a line at anD join us on the Facebook page. As always the show is available through the link below or from iTunes and can be streamed from Stitcher Radio.

NaschyCast #30

Sunday, July 15, 2012

NaschyCast #29 - DEATH OF A HOODLUM (1975)

Episode #29 focuses on a lesser known Naschy crime film that turns out to have quite a bit in common with a couple of his other non-supernatural thrillers. Even with several familiar elements the film turns out to have more than a few surprises in store for us including some shocking slow-mo violence. I guess the influence of Peckinpah's THE WILD BUNCH was still playing out in the mid-1970s - and I have no problem with that!

In this one Naschy plays a hearing impaired thief with a nasty mother fixation and the sexual charisma of Sean Connery. I'm not kidding. His character seems to be able to have his way with almost any and every woman he sees- which isn't all that different from most characters he played, but in this story its a little scary.  He's a cold bastard and the film's violence always stems from the relentless nature of his drive to get what he wants.

The film boasts good direction from our old friend Leon Klimovsky, Julia Saly in a red bikini and an excellent performance from actress Carmen Sevilla. The performances are actually very good in every case in this one. DEATH OF A HOODLUM is a pretty good combination of crime tale and domestic drama with just a twisted touch of a distressing coming of age story. Its a strange stew but in general it works so join us as we talk our way through it discussing all points large and small.

You can write us at to give us your thoughts on all things Naschy or Spanish Horror in general. If you don't want us to include your email as part of the show please be sure to let us know. You can also find us over on The FaceBook at the NaschyCast Fan Page as well so there really is no excuse not to contact us!

NaschyCast #29 LINK

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NaschyCast #28- LICANTROPO (1996)

In this episode we creep very carefully into the 1990s, cross our fingers and hope for the best. LICANTROPO is the only Waldemar Daninsky film produced in that fetid decade and since it is Naschy scripted it has to be covered by your intrepid podcasters. We've heard numerous poor critiques of the film over the years so, although we were quite leery, I think you'll find that there are things that make the film worth seeking out. Without giving too much away I'll just say that the film certainly is an artifact of its times.

We take this opportunity to discuss the qualities that make a 1990s film different from a 1980s film and come to the conclusion that it mainly consists of nudity or the lack thereof. This is a sad thing and casts a pall over the decade (and this film, to a degree) but we can all be happy that we lived through those dark days and naked flesh has returned to the big screen! Now bring on the Naked Female Werewolves! Of course, any Daninsky movie offers the chance to observe how Naschy has decided to recast the pieces, alter the playing field and push the lycanthrope myths into new, hairy shapes. Here he makes some fascinating choices and although the film steps on some of them they still add some fresh color to the long line of werewolf cinema lore. I really need to do some research to see if the 'Vile Odor' thing is lifted from legend or a Naschy original.

After last episode's short Mail-Bag section we have a bumper crop of correspondence this time! Two separate letters from our British buddy Mark and a couple of notes from brand new writers give us a lot to mull over. That we continue to get new information about Naschy from new folks is a source of great joy for both of us. We created this show to bring more attention to Paul Naschy and his body of work and its starting to feel like we are really having some effect. That is a wonderful thing and we want to thank everyone that listens to us babble on. We hope you keep enjoying what we do and that we can encourage others to see more of Senor Molina's movies. They are well worth watching!

Please drop us a line at naschycast@, like us over on the Facebook page and rate us in the iTunes store. Let us know what is on your mind.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NaschyCast #27 - NAKED MADRID (1979)

If you can visualize a movie made by Paul Naschy that brings to mind the classics of Robert Altman and involves a sad sack Spanish version of Woody Allen then you have a start in imagining NAKED MADRID (1979). Those images will only give you a sliver of the whole picture but it does serve to warn you that this is not your usual Naschy film. In fact, I can't think of another film in his long list of credits that resembles this odd but interesting effort. Adapted from a novel it tells the contemporary story of a large cast of characters of both the wealthy and working class in post-Franco Spain. They are mostly scheming, lying scumbags just trying to get whatever it is they need or want but that doesn't mean they aren't entertaining to watch.

Naschy casts himself in a fairly sympathetic role as a put upon chauffer trying to create a new socialist political party but getting sidetracked by an adulterous affair. His performance is strong but the entire cast is very good even though each character has very little screen time. A number of Naschy's stock company of actors and behind the camera collaborators are present as well as one uncredited cameo that is as surprising as it is welcome. And the word naked in the title should be taken quite literally as this movie sports more bare flesh than any other Naschy directed tale we've seen so far! You have been warned!

The mailbag section of this show is pretty sparse but we have our first 'voice-mail' contribution from our friend in Madrid! That's right- we have a brief visit from Elena the host of Horror Rises From Spain and she explains a few pronunciations to us silly Americans. If you’d like to get in on this segment please write us at and we’ll dig into your questions next time. And if you subscribe to the show through iTunes please consider leaving us a review there or you drop us a comment on the Naschycast Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for the love and encouragement. And once again we have to thank our amazing artistic director Jeff Nelson. He works beyond the call of duty for us and always gives us a distinctive piece of art to accompany the show.

Monday, April 23, 2012

NaschyCast #26.5 - Beyond Naschy - CUT THROATS NINE (1972)

In covering our first Western for the podcast we find ourselves going overboard discussing the genre and the reasons the Spaghetti flavor came into being. As big fans of the genre we are thrilled to talk about what we love about Oaters and the appeal of the darker kinds of tales of which the Euro-westerns were a part but..... we babble on for a long time before we even get to talking about CUT THROATS NINE! Never fear though- once we dig into the particular film under our knife we dissect that sucker good! Everything gets a turn on the table from the bleak, snowy setting; the use of certain colors; the effective use of music; the nastiness of the characters; and, of course, this film's reputation as one of the most violent westerns ever made.

We truly strived to talk about this fantastic but dark film in fairly general terms but finally decided to delve into spoiler territory past a certain point. We counsel listeners who want to avoid having the actions and events of the last half of the movie ruined to skip ahead so you have been warned! We start talking spoilers at the one hour and thirty-four minute mark and stop talking about them at around two hours and eight minutes into the show. Please be careful because this is a movie worthy of being seen cold- so to speak.

Once again the Mail-Bag section is great with our regular correspondent Mark bringing up many fine points and a new writer giving us some info on some questions we asked back in the EXORCISM podcast. Glad to know people are still discovering the show! Don't take it amiss that Troy and I go into a bizarre discussion of Southern accents in movies or that I show my fanboy love for Spanish filmmaker Alex de la Iglesia. That's just part of hanging out with us lunatics. If you'd like to add your voice to the show please write us at or contact us over on the NaschyCast Facebook page. OH! And if you'd like more information about the documentary I mention in the show that focuses on Jose Larraz please read my brief review about ON VAMPYRES AND OTHER SYMPTOMS below.

NaschyCast #26.5 LINK

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Naschycast brings you SEVEN MURDERS FOR SCOTLAND YARD or WHY ARE THOSE DROPS OF BLOOD ON MY NEW COUCH? For the twenty sixth episode we tackle another Spanish made murder mystery very much in the 'giallo' vein. Since we haven't touched on Naschy's contributions to the genre in a long time we first talk about the standard definition of a giallo, what elements make up one and discuss the question of country of origin as a qualification for inclusion in the official listings. Regardless of dissenting opinions we come down on the side of SEVEN MURDERS FOR SCOTLAND YARD being an example of the black-gloved killer thriller and let our enjoyment of the of the short lived genre show. As for the question of this film representing the best of its type we'll leave that up to you to discover. We know how to tease!

We break into the spoiler area of discussion at about the one hour and twenty minute mark and then dive into the Mail Bag as the clock strikes the two hour bell. In this section listener Mark takes me to task for putting Reggie Nalder in the wrong Argento film, is stunned by the fact that a place called Lookout Mountain exists and gives us his favorite and least favorite Naschy films covered in Year Two of the podcast. Then Troy and I get into a strange dissertation on the definition of 'lick'. Just listen and it'll make a kind of sense. If you would like to give us your 'Best of' list or just mouth off about either of us screwing up information please drop us a note at or join us over on the NaschyCast Facebook page. You'll be glad you did! Or at least we will. The download link is below and if you get the show through iTunes please review us there in the store. Thanks!

NaschyCast #26 LINK

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Naschycast 25.5 - Year Two Retrospective!

NOBODY EXPECTS A YEAR END RETROSPECTIVE SHOW! Unless you noticed we did one last year. And the Spanish Inquisition hasn't popped by for tea lately. Our year end wrap-up show is finally here and its a pretty fun time. We wax rhapsodic about the joys of our Year Two discoveries and shake our heads in dismay at the films that disappointed us. As we discuss our individual lists from worst to best we take the opportunity to look at each movie a second time and see how our opinions might have changed over the last few months. In some cases there has been some movement and in some cases that movement has been downward. Its a good way to think about Naschy's work and as always we try to consider if each film would be a good introduction for a new potential fan. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to guess.

The mailbag segment once again proves to be a blast. We talk about Mr. Magoo, Lina Romay, American sounding names, the REC movies, porn Dracula and the terrible Bond film A VIEW TO A KILL. We even get to hear sad tales of the unfortunate fates of childhood Planet of the Apes toys. If you want to add your stories of brutalized hunks of cherished rubber and plastic please drop us a line. The email address is or you can visit us on the Facebook page where 'like' means love. And if you get the show through iTunes please think about reviewing the show there. It really helps us get some attention. And don't forget to vote for us in the Rondo Awards! You have until April the first so run over there now! LINK

Naschycast #25.5 LINK

Monday, February 20, 2012

NaschyCast #25 - OPERATION MANTIS (1985)

We start our third year of podcasting with a film that Naschy looked back on as a major mistake. Indeed, he called it the biggest mistake of his career and, as you’ll hear, it was certainly an odd choice for a filmmaker of his sensibilities.

OPERATION MANTIS is a spy comedy from a decade that produced very few such movies. That it is also a 'wacky' comedy puts it in the unenviable position of attempting to crack jokes on a variety of subjects in a silly way and the script only fitfully manages to walk that tightrope with any skill. Not that the movie doesn't have its amusing moments. Any film that can boast the sight of Paul Naschy as a caped professional wrestler, Naschy in full clown make-up and (in the maddest scene ever) Naschy dressed as a punk rocker while singing a spastic pop song (!) cannot help but keep you watching. Whether you're watching to see if it will get better or worse is entirely up to the individual but you will never know what is around the corner with this one.

The thinly spread plot of OPERATION MANTIS involves a shadowy, female lead secret organization trying to get its hands on a man-made virus that can destroy the male gender. The evil Matriarka criminal conspiracy intends to reduce the number of men down to only 200 worldwide who will be controlled and used to create the next generation. This dastardly plan only has three agents of the I.A.A.T. fighting against it - one American Military vet; an Italian fashion designer and a gorgeous blonde bikini model. How can the planet's men be saved from the fiendish, but lovely, Mantis?

This bizarre film marked the end of a major era in Naschy's career and he never really recovered. Join us as we pick it apart to see what is there that might be worth discussion. Please let us know your thoughts on the slightly new format for the show and any other thing you might want to talk about. As you will hear in the mailbag section it doesn't take much to get us going. Or at least, it doesn't take much to get ME going. The email address is or visit us on the Facebook page. And if you get the show through iTunes please think about reviewing the show there. It really helps us get some attention.

NaschyCast #25 LINK

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NaschyCast #24.5 - Beyond Naschy- HORROR EXPRESS (1972)

We have the pleasure of finally bringing you the show we have threatened/promised for over a year -HORROR EXPRESS! The film that some call the best Spanish horror film ever made gets the NaschyCast treatment and to keep things interesting we've brought along a friend. Randy Fox has known your boisterous hosts for longer than any of us would care to think about. He is a warm, unique individual and his enthusiasm for movies of all types is second only to his knowledge of esoteric subjects. Where else are you going to find someone fascinated by Russian history who is also a fanatical gun collector? Throw in the fact that he's a Godzilla fan of the highest order and has been known to track the elusive Bigfoot in his spare time and its easy to see why we value his opinion. On some things.

So join this mad trio of movie nuts as we discuss the sheer wonder of this film and touch upon the many joys it holds. We talk about the magic of the year that was 1972; learn about old porno theaters in Nashville; speak about the surprise of Christopher Lee as an action hero; talk about the fantastic film team of Cushing & Lee; discuss what kind of edged weapon a Cossack would use to stab lesser mortals; remark on the difficulty of acting while blinded by special effects; thrill at seeing Helga Line again; and experience the joy of having character actor Victor Isreal pop up just to be choked out. The train is leaving the station in Peking- or is it Shanghai? Regardless- hop aboard and hang on as we hurtle through the cold winter night while a monster stalks our every step.

Remember to drop us a note at or visit us over on the NaschyCast Facebook page. Follow the download link below as usual or grab the show from iTunes. And for extra fun here are the various weapons we play with during the podcast. Randy has helpfully labeled them so everyone can see what we're talking about.

NaschyCast 24.5 LINK!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NaschyCast #24 - CURSE OF THE DEVIL (1974)

The podcast reaches the two year mark with a howl! Our second anniversary episode focuses once again on our old pal Waldemar Daninsky in his sixth big screen outing (or seventh depending on how you count). CURSE OF THE DEVIL marks our coverage of the last of the four collaborations between Naschy and director Carlos Aured and we're pleased to find it as impressive as the other three/ As usual, things are not easy for Naschy's greatest creation as he struggles through not just a terrible curse but depression brought on by accidentally murdering a score of people - some of whom he actually likes. This is the first El Hombre Lobo film to have a period setting and this pays off in some nice atmosphere and mood. The photography is top notch with especially great attention to detail in the many sequences shot at night. THE WOLFMAN (1941) gets referenced quite lot in this one and even has one of the same central mysteries as that classic. We discuss that question near the end along with others such as - Why does no one gag the witch before they burn her so she can't issue a curse? Are we supposed to think Waldemar is a virgin?? Are there rules for when a loved one can kill a werewolf? All of these issues are addressed as we are puzzled by the story's oddities, stunned by the sexy little sister and impressed by the cool threads Waldemar sports in this adventure. Woo hoooooo!

For those wishing to skip the spoilers as we go through the final section of the film, the listener's emails are cracked open at about the 2 hour and 45 minute mark. This leads to a discussion of several things but mostly it turns into a listing of our favorite Christmas movies. We come out in favor of an undervalued version of A Christmas Carol and cap the show with my favorite song of all time.

Please drop us a line at and tell what's on your mind. We love hearing from our fellow fans. Also, join us on the NaschyCast Facebook page for updates and trailers. We'll be back here in a couple of weeks with an in depth look at HORROR EXPRESS. The show can be grabbed at the link below or downloaded from iTunes.

NaschyCast #24 LINK