Thursday, May 10, 2012

NaschyCast #27 - NAKED MADRID (1979)

If you can visualize a movie made by Paul Naschy that brings to mind the classics of Robert Altman and involves a sad sack Spanish version of Woody Allen then you have a start in imagining NAKED MADRID (1979). Those images will only give you a sliver of the whole picture but it does serve to warn you that this is not your usual Naschy film. In fact, I can't think of another film in his long list of credits that resembles this odd but interesting effort. Adapted from a novel it tells the contemporary story of a large cast of characters of both the wealthy and working class in post-Franco Spain. They are mostly scheming, lying scumbags just trying to get whatever it is they need or want but that doesn't mean they aren't entertaining to watch.

Naschy casts himself in a fairly sympathetic role as a put upon chauffer trying to create a new socialist political party but getting sidetracked by an adulterous affair. His performance is strong but the entire cast is very good even though each character has very little screen time. A number of Naschy's stock company of actors and behind the camera collaborators are present as well as one uncredited cameo that is as surprising as it is welcome. And the word naked in the title should be taken quite literally as this movie sports more bare flesh than any other Naschy directed tale we've seen so far! You have been warned!

The mailbag section of this show is pretty sparse but we have our first 'voice-mail' contribution from our friend in Madrid! That's right- we have a brief visit from Elena the host of Horror Rises From Spain and she explains a few pronunciations to us silly Americans. If you’d like to get in on this segment please write us at and we’ll dig into your questions next time. And if you subscribe to the show through iTunes please consider leaving us a review there or you drop us a comment on the Naschycast Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for the love and encouragement. And once again we have to thank our amazing artistic director Jeff Nelson. He works beyond the call of duty for us and always gives us a distinctive piece of art to accompany the show.

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