Saturday, December 13, 2014

NaschyCast #49 - MY FRIEND, THE VAGABOND (1984)

It's December and its time for a new NaschyCast! For years we've thought it would interesting to have a Christmas themed show for this month but we've never been able to arrange it but this Holiday season has us finally deliver such an episode and it's an accident! That's right- Mi Amigo el Vagabundo turns out to be a kind of Christmas film. Yes! Synchronicity exists. Or at least blind luck.

Anyway, we talk about this soft-hearted family drama written and directed by Paul Naschy and starring excellent Spanish actor José Luis López Vázquez, Julia Saly and Naschy's son Sergio Molina as the 7 (or 8) year old object of this movie's story. Naschy had a good bit to say about this film in his autobiography and, as an added bonus, I talked with Sergio about his work in this one as well. So, sit back and be prepared for a strangely cuddly Naschy film experience - well- there is a kidnapping so its only cuddly up to a point.

The mailbag is full to bursting this month so we talk about last month's Godzilla show for a while; answer questions about Spanish horror tropes; relate tales of inappropriate teenage film viewings; ponder podcasting Jess Franco's other Dr. Orloff movies and ;look forward to the New Year. If you have any comments, cruelty or ideas please write us at or visit us on the NaschyCast FaceBook page. If you get the show via iTunes please rate & review us over there and if you have the scratch and like the show please consider donating to help defray the cost of hosting the show. Thanks! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014


It's October again and time for us to cover a horror film with Spanish connections. This time we tackle one of the best zombie films of all time - that's right - I said it! THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE was conceived as a way to cash in on the popularity of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD but it goes in its own direction to great effect. Indeed, it is such a creative and intriguing variation on the cannibalistic walking dead that both Troy and I mark it as a favorite of the subgenre. It plays with lots of ideas that can tickle the intellect but never skimps on the atmosphere or scares. One of the themes of the movie seems to be man's breach of trust in our dealings with nature with the film wasting no time showing us images of our ecological crimes to drive this thought home. As George leaves London director Jorge Grau focuses his camera on car tailpipes, smoke stacks, piles of garbage and venting sewer grates forcing us to look at our daily polluting of the earth. These things are not dwelled upon as the movie continues but the ideas, like a creeping zombie, lurk behind everything that happens. The film also presents a colorful and beautifully shot series of images that can be enjoyed just as fine cinematography and lovely framing so you don't have to be a gore hound to be entertained by this one.

As usual we can't stay on a single subject for an entire podcast so we start with a discussion of the proposed Universal Monster-verse and our hopes for it. During the mail section we talk about Eli Roth's new film and our reactions to his earlier movies; the concept of the MacGuffin and various other things that we are asked about in emails. If you would like to write us and prompt further discussions the address is or join us on the Facebook page. Thank you for downloading and listening and have a happy Halloween! Spoon!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

NaschyCast # 48 - COMANDO TXIKIA (1977)

Sometimes it’s the Principle of Moments that rules the day. This episode marks the first Docu-Drama we’ve covered and since I can’t imagine a reason we’d ever cover another one it is also probably the last. I mean, do we need to cover ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN or SWORD OF GIDEON? Then again – what other podcast is covering those movies? That's food for thought. Anyway! Back on point!

This time we cover a crime film that plays as close to a documentary as the filmmakers could get. COMANDO TXIKIA relates the year long story of the ETA terrorist team that carried out the 1973 assassination of Spain’s president Luis Carrero Blanco. The film strives to stick rigorously close to the known facts and presents its tale with interesting detail. Perhaps too much detail at times? Well- we will discuss that. This was Naschy’s third collaboration with the film’s director and we get another good performance from actor Tony Isbert who we praised in CROSS OF THE DEVIL last month. The lovely Julia Saly makes an all too brief (and pointless) appearance which causes a verbal detour that your silly co-hosts have travelled before. We also delve into the surprising historical fidelity of the explosive end of the movie while making absolutely no attempt to avoid spoilers – so you have been warned.

The mailbag section is overflowing again this month but feel free to add your voice to the program at any time. The email address is or we can be reached over on the FaceBook page as well. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beyond Naschy #11 - CROSS OF THE DEVIL (1975)

CROSS OF THE DEVIL is one of the more controversial entries on Paul Naschy's resume. He has co-writing credit but has no onscreen role or any other behind the scenes position either. As we talk about this interesting Spanish gothic we detail the he said/she said aspect of how, at the height of his popularity and box office appeal, Naschy ended up on the outside of this project looking in - and throwing stones!

Director John Gilling has a history of making fine horror films for Hammer and other British studios but this was to be his only Spanish production and the behind the scenes shenanigans might have been the reason why. This was a dream project for Naschy as he desired to make a film from  some of the stories of Spanish poet and writer Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. To have had that opportunity yanked away engendered much anger and his venomous statements about the film and the people involved attest to that. He seems to have held out hope of trying again to bring Bécquer to the screen for decades afterwards.

But all of that is beside the point as long as an entertaining movie got made and in this case it turned out pretty well. Join Troy and I as we try to keep this show from spiraling out of control on our trek through the Spanish countryside to the Mountain of Souls so that we may cower before the titular Cross! There are many interesting sights to see along the way and we hope to keep you amused as we talk about burned Ninjas, difficult relationships, hash pipes, ghostly visions and murder mysteries. We have an audio visit from Elena of Horror Rises From Spain so that she can school us (really me!) on how to pronounce more Spanish names and the first installment of a new segment from Dan, Our Man in the Field in which he talks about some Kilma theories and plays a great pop song for us. Very cool things coming your way in this overstuffed episode! I even get to speak about my love of the band Jellyfish and they take us out of the show. If you want to get in contact is the place to reach us. Thanks for downloading and listening! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

NaschyCast #47 - THE KILLER IS AMONG THE 13 (1976)

Thirteen suspects trapped in an isolated country house over a long weekend! One of them committed murder! Can you figure out whodunit?

Probably not, but that really is beside the point. This month’s film has a very tiny sprinkling of Naschy but a heaping helping of old style murder mystery a la Agatha Christie and just a soupçon of giallo for flavor.  That’s right- there IS a black-glover killer but don’t expect the typical Euro-Trash blood soaked tale or there will be some sad Pandas out there. The story takes place in the English countryside (don’t let the Spanish speaking cast fool ya!) with all the trappings you would expect from a classic mystery film of the type that used to star William Powell. One can merely wish that Naschy had a larger role in the proceedings but he only interacts with three of the cast which means this is one of the least Naschy NaschyCasts we’ve ever done. Still, there is fun to be had as veteran director Javier Aguirre runs his eclectic group of victims … errr….suspects through their paces. Secrets are revealed, love affairs are uncovered, maids are seduced, jealousies kindled and heads are hatched as we narrow down the character list to discover the identity of the perpetrator. Also, there are many familiar faces onscreen including Patty Shepard, Eduardo Calvo and Dyanik Zurakowska to make the 'Spot the Actor' game interesting.

This month's mailbag was overflowing and we even throw in a bonus bit of praise for the Bloody Pit episode covering NIGHTMARE CITY so things get entertaining as we stumble through the letters we received in July. If you would like to tell us what you think please write us at or join us over on the Book of Faces NaschyCast page. Thanks for downloading and listening. Oh- and I end the show with a an old Hoodoo Guru's tune inspired by a chance comment during the podcast. Enjoy!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Naschycast #46 - KILMA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE (1974)

It is the summer and once again the NaschyCast hears the call of the wild....jungle wild, that is! Yes- it's time for a Jungle Girl romp through the foliage and the stock footage as we ogle untamed women in fur bikinis and indulge in adolescent fantasies about the fairer sex. Will we ever grow up? Probably not. But while we stumble through the faux African landscape we do talk about this odd but oddly entertaining Naschy effort that marks his first collaboration with the director of THE NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST a.k.a. THE WEREWOLF AND THE YETI. I have to admit that when we covered that film back in episode three I was unaware of this movie so this show serves as proof that Troy and I are still learning about our favorite Spanish Wolfman even now. Think of these podcasts as the strangest series of film history classes of all time! Now I just need to watch the Kilma sequel and see what director Miguel Iglesias brought to the table for a second Jungle Girl film with Blanca Estrada.

We start the show with a few announcements of interest to fans of Spanish Horror and are only interrupted once by a vicious catfight - I guess that is progress, of a sort. The mailbag segment has us being questioned by a female listener who has finally chimed in and wants info on the TV horror host of our youth. If you have questions for us the email address is or you can join us over on the Facebook page. Thanks downloading the show and listening to the show. Come on back now- ya hear? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Naschycast #45 - THE HANGING WOMAN (1973)

Episode forty-five brings back to the wonders and excitement of a Gothic period tale! The film is so steeped in creepy atmosphere that it begins with a funeral, which leads to a will reading and inevitably to a sleazy seduction - it's all good. The plot will be familiar to genre fans but the story has a few nice twists on the standard tropes. So much fun!

One of the joys of a gothic tale is the chance to see rare locations and The Hanging Woman (a.k.a. Terror of the Living Dead) has a great set of places to delight the eye. Of course, it also has a couple of lovely ladies in Maria Pia Conte and Dyanik Zurakowska. Both of them vie for the attentions of our handsome leading man--- no - not Naschy! He was too busy to play the time consuming central figure. Instead our man Paul Naschy plays the local gravedigger and all around oozer of sleaze by the name of Igor. Strangely, Igor does not work for the film's mad scientist character. Odd, but you gotta love it!

In this film we discover many things- the dark world of Nebulous Electricity: the possibilities of Black Magic as a hobby; an alternate way of reanimating the dead; the fact that its difficult to maintain a monogamous relationship even if your girlfriend is a corpse; and that its good to be the king of any small domain. We were both surprised by this one and that is no mean feat.

You can write us at and let us know your thoughts on The Hanging Woman or any other Naschy related or non-Naschy related topic. We plan to get back to tackling some other Spanish Horror films in new Beyond Naschy episodes later this summer - we think you'll be surprised! Thanks for listening and be sure to rate and review us in iTunes or where ever you find our show.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

NaschyCast #44 - DISCO ROJO (1973)

The English translation of this film's title is RED LIGHT and its a good name for this tale. Part social commentary, part crime story, part drug scare film, part action movie and in many ways an example of the darker tone 1970's cinema was taking. Of course, this is all done with a Spanish twist that makes DISCO ROJO well worth seeking out for the curious fan of movie history.  And, as you might expect, its also worth seeing if you are a fan of Paul Naschy as he plays another in his long line of nasty villains here. Naschy shines as a mid-level Mafioso placed in charge of the drug distribution and gambling  interests along Spain's Mediterranean coast. But the real star is the fantastic  actor Antonio Vilar in the role of a crusading journalist trying to unravel the tangled threads that will lead to this criminal organization. This is an interesting and sometimes confusing crime story that owes a lot to the bigger box office hits of the day but has plenty of its own style to not come off as a retread. I just wish there were cultural subtitles as well as subtitles for the dialog!

The mailbag is pretty light this month but that doesn't stop us from a few tangential discussions including the news of the Naschy, Franco and Rollin influences in a novel by Edward Lee. We also talk a bit about the upcoming remake of Larraz's VAMPYRES and a few other movies of interest to Euro-Cult fans. You can write us at or join us over on the FaceBook page anytime. We'd be thrilled to hear from you. And if you get the show through iTunes we'd appreciate it if you could rate and/or review us there. It helps get the word out about the show. Thanks! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beyond Naschy #10 - EYEBALL (1975)

The new Beyond Naschy episode brings us another giallo and our first chance to talk about director Umbeto Lenzi. If you are only familiar with Lenzi's work through his horror movies EYEBALL might come as a shock. We discuss the amazing number of highly entertaining (and competently made!) films from this under-sung Italian genius (?) and speak about his skill at crafting fun tales.

EYEBALL is a very fast and witty murder mystery that has a number of pluses and very few minuses. One of the best elements is the energetic, exciting score by maestro Bruno Nicolai which is peppered throughout the show. Of course, the main, reoccurring theme will be familiar to longtime NaschyCast listeners but there are several other melodious tracks. The discussion ranges all over the film with each of us finding it amusing that the cast of American tourists in Spain are very much like a group of typical stereotypes from an Irwin Allen disaster epic - TOWERING EYEBALL INFERNO, perhaps? And Troy comes another step down the path of accepting that a Giallo is always going to screw you by withholding vital need-to-know information - Guessing the murderer's identity is the only chance you have because empirical evidence is useless in one of these thrillers. You just gotta enjoy the ride!

I have to give a nod to the excellent plot synopsis by Nick Thomson from his great blog DeadShed Productions. His clever way with words helped us dive into this film and give its due.  I recommend checking  his site. if you have any feedback for us please write to or visit us over on the Book of Faces NaschyCast page. And, thank you downloading and listening! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

NaschyCast #43.5 - The Daninsky Files

After too long a time the NaschyCast returns to the world of El Hombre Lobo! Having covered all eleven of the Waldemar Daninsky film over the course of the podcast your two hosts have decided to weigh in on how the series stacks up. We each rank the films from favorite to least favorite with a surprise digital guest appearance by our Man in the Field - Dan! Yep- in a strange, jumbled way we have Dan join us (through the magic of painstaking editing) to list off his thoughts on the Daninsky movies as well. You just never know what surprises will be up our hairy sleeve.

Of course, it wouldn't be the NaschyCast without a number of digressions and tangents so expect some conversation about Lester Dent pulp stories; Derek Robinson World War One novels about fighter pilots; the epic-length science fiction of Peter R. Hamilton; bizarre combinations of music and werewolf imagery; and Rod's brief review of Argento's DRACULA film. We narrowly avoid a discussion of ARCHER so be happy we have some self-control. Also, the feedback section is packed with fun tidings including an MP3 piece from a new writer to the show and a couple of other Spanish Horror fans chiming in with their own rankings of the lycanthrope cinema of Senor Naschy. It's a fun time for all involved! If you would like to add your two cents worth you can write us at or join us over on the Facebook page. And thank you for downloading and listening! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NaschyCast #43 - EMPUSA (2010)

In this episode we venture once again into the twenty first century to witness Paul Naschy's final directorial effort - EMPUSA. Unlike his earlier work this is a film we know little about with next to nothing being stated by our hero before his untimely passing. We do know that this project started as a final collaboration with director Carlos Aured (HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB, CURSE OF THE DEVIL) but it appears Naschy completed the film when his friend's health wouldn't allow him to work.  From what we can learn, the bulk of the movie was shot in 2007 or 2008 but it went unreleased until 2010.  There might be a good reason for that! We suspect that additional footage was shot after the fact and damn- do the seams show. It is pretty great to see Naschy teamed with old buddy Antonio Mayans, though. 

Join Troy and I as we chop this horror/comedy (or is it a comedy?) down to size and attempt to understand just what the hell is going on. I think you'll be able to hear the pain! As usual, the conversation darts all over the place with zombie novels getting some love from me but things really go off track in the mailbag section. Questions are asked and answered with some great thoughts and ideas coming from our loyal listeners. If you have any questions or comments you can drop us a line at or join us over on the NaschyCast Facebook page on the book of faces. Oh- and feel free to donate to the podcast if you think the show is worth a few shekels by using the Donation Button on the left side of the NaschyCast Blog page. Thanks to Mike for reminding us that its there!