Monday, April 23, 2012

NaschyCast #26.5 - Beyond Naschy - CUT THROATS NINE (1972)

In covering our first Western for the podcast we find ourselves going overboard discussing the genre and the reasons the Spaghetti flavor came into being. As big fans of the genre we are thrilled to talk about what we love about Oaters and the appeal of the darker kinds of tales of which the Euro-westerns were a part but..... we babble on for a long time before we even get to talking about CUT THROATS NINE! Never fear though- once we dig into the particular film under our knife we dissect that sucker good! Everything gets a turn on the table from the bleak, snowy setting; the use of certain colors; the effective use of music; the nastiness of the characters; and, of course, this film's reputation as one of the most violent westerns ever made.

We truly strived to talk about this fantastic but dark film in fairly general terms but finally decided to delve into spoiler territory past a certain point. We counsel listeners who want to avoid having the actions and events of the last half of the movie ruined to skip ahead so you have been warned! We start talking spoilers at the one hour and thirty-four minute mark and stop talking about them at around two hours and eight minutes into the show. Please be careful because this is a movie worthy of being seen cold- so to speak.

Once again the Mail-Bag section is great with our regular correspondent Mark bringing up many fine points and a new writer giving us some info on some questions we asked back in the EXORCISM podcast. Glad to know people are still discovering the show! Don't take it amiss that Troy and I go into a bizarre discussion of Southern accents in movies or that I show my fanboy love for Spanish filmmaker Alex de la Iglesia. That's just part of hanging out with us lunatics. If you'd like to add your voice to the show please write us at or contact us over on the NaschyCast Facebook page. OH! And if you'd like more information about the documentary I mention in the show that focuses on Jose Larraz please read my brief review about ON VAMPYRES AND OTHER SYMPTOMS below.

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