Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NaschyCast #24 - CURSE OF THE DEVIL (1974)

The podcast reaches the two year mark with a howl! Our second anniversary episode focuses once again on our old pal Waldemar Daninsky in his sixth big screen outing (or seventh depending on how you count). CURSE OF THE DEVIL marks our coverage of the last of the four collaborations between Naschy and director Carlos Aured and we're pleased to find it as impressive as the other three/ As usual, things are not easy for Naschy's greatest creation as he struggles through not just a terrible curse but depression brought on by accidentally murdering a score of people - some of whom he actually likes. This is the first El Hombre Lobo film to have a period setting and this pays off in some nice atmosphere and mood. The photography is top notch with especially great attention to detail in the many sequences shot at night. THE WOLFMAN (1941) gets referenced quite lot in this one and even has one of the same central mysteries as that classic. We discuss that question near the end along with others such as - Why does no one gag the witch before they burn her so she can't issue a curse? Are we supposed to think Waldemar is a virgin?? Are there rules for when a loved one can kill a werewolf? All of these issues are addressed as we are puzzled by the story's oddities, stunned by the sexy little sister and impressed by the cool threads Waldemar sports in this adventure. Woo hoooooo!

For those wishing to skip the spoilers as we go through the final section of the film, the listener's emails are cracked open at about the 2 hour and 45 minute mark. This leads to a discussion of several things but mostly it turns into a listing of our favorite Christmas movies. We come out in favor of an undervalued version of A Christmas Carol and cap the show with my favorite song of all time.

Please drop us a line at naschycast@gmail.com and tell what's on your mind. We love hearing from our fellow fans. Also, join us on the NaschyCast Facebook page for updates and trailers. We'll be back here in a couple of weeks with an in depth look at HORROR EXPRESS. The show can be grabbed at the link below or downloaded from iTunes.

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  1. Hey Rod and Troy!

    I loved the Curse Of The Devil podcast and I also very much enjoyed the Horror Express .5 episode.

    I'm not going to get into the specifics of the films or my feeling about them because the two of you did such an excellent job in extolling the virtues of both these highly enjoyable films.

    I will say that you omitted one of my best beloved versions of "A Christmas Carol" after the George C Scott version, which I think was the most successful in portraying the vulnerability behind the vitriol in Scrooge.

    Did you guys ever see Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol? Viewing it is one of my favorite holiday traditions. The wonderful score by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill and Jim Backus' always hilarious portrayal of Magoo never gets tired for me.

    I am hoping to find a version of Operation Mantis to watch before I listen to the podcast although my sources have been a bit meager recently.

    Keep up the great work guys, it always brightens my day to listen to you guys wax rhapsodic on Paul's films even when they sort of drop the ball on occasion.