Monday, July 25, 2011

NaschyCast #1 - THE MARK OF THE WOLFMAN (1968)

I've been a big fan of the films of Paul Naschy for about 20 years. I read about him and his work for years before I finally got to see any of it but, unlike many things longed for or anticipated, these movies were well worth seeking out and rewarded the attention paid to them. For the last few years my friend Troy and I have gotten together a few times a year for Naschy Nights during which we check out a couple of these cinematic efforts and, afterward, discuss them. With the recent passing of the great man we’ve decided to make a record of these little talks and let anyone who might be interested listen in as we ramble on. We’ll present these as audio PodCasts in MP3 format downloadable from right here. Our plan is to focus on a single film once a month and discuss it from stem to stern hopefully bringing some more attention to these often overlooked and still (in some cases) hard to find horror classics. With any luck we’ll be able to stick to our proposed schedule and in one year we’ll have an even dozen of these for your listening pleasure.

For the inaugural show we’ve chosen to start at the beginning with Naschy’s first monster film THE MARK OF THE WOLFMAN or, as it was known in the US, FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR. Next month’s episode will focus on HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB. We hope you’ll check out our humble effort and let us know what you think, at our email address - - grab the show at the link below or subscribe through iTunes.

NaschyCast #1 LINK!

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